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  • BFD Inventory Updates
    BFD Inventory Updates

    Here are periodic updates to our inventory regarding restock of items and new items. Feel free to contact us for any questions or ETAs regarding our inventory, bfd@fairing.com or 909-902-5400 (tip: copy/paste the item number into the Search bar above to go to its product page)

    Items Received on 08/29/2023:

    Velospec Pro

    • AC38100709-800, d.b. tube

    4130 Chromoly

    • CM2814-1240, tube
    • CM1909-1200, tube
    • CMBB38/34-68, BB shell
    • CMBB-T47-74, BB shell

    7005 Aluminum

    • AL7312311-600, s.b. tube


    Items Received on 08/14/2023:

    4130 Chromoly

    • CMFB27/201108-460, fork blade
    • CMFB27/2011-460, fork disc blade
    • CM5009-1220, tube
    • CM2509-1200, tube
    • Cm-101, cable guide

    7005 Aluminum

    • AL7BSK26105-1000, plate
    • AL7BSK38/64-500, plate


    Items Received on 07/28/2023:

    Velospec Elite

    • AH29/28110608-680, 27.2 seattube

    Velospec Pro

    • AC28080508-640, d.b. tube
    • AC28090609-650, d.b. tube
    • AC28090609-740, d.b. tube
    • AC31080508-690, d.b. tube
    • AC31090609-650, d.b. tube
    • AC31090609-740, d.b. tube
    • AC34080508-680, d.b. tube
    • AC42090709-850, d.b. tube


    Items Received on 07/06/2023:

    4130 Chromoly

    • CMCS301809-463, single-bend chainstay

    Velospec Elite

    • AH44100709-850, d.b. tube

    Velospec Pro

    • AC34080508-740, d.b.tube

    7005 Aluminum

    • AL7BSK2105-1000, 2mm plate


    Items Received on 06/21/2023:

    4130 Chromoly

    • CMBB38/34-100.5, BB shell
    • CM282116-450, steerer tube

    6061 Aluminum

    • AL6-101, single cable guide


    • PV21, brake post


    Items Received on 06/09/2023:

    4130 Chromoly

    • CMFB28/201109-4, fork blade
    • C16, bottle cage bosses


    Items Received on 05/25/2023:

    4130 Chromoly

    • CMCS30/1809-425, single-bend chainstay
    • CM34090609-680H, d.b. tube
    • CMSS191209-600, seatstay
    • CM38120912-750, d.b. tube
    • LK-FM003-12-1.5, new flatmount dropouts

    7005 Aluminum

    • AL-101, cable guide


    • SP-103-FLAT, internal cable guide
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  • Visit us at Eurobike 2023!
    Visit us at Eurobike 2023!

    We are back at Eurobike this year in Frankfurt, Germany. We will be exhibiting June 21-25 on the business days only. Feel free to come visit us or say hello at Hall 9.1, booth# A01. We are also open to meetings during the show. If you wish to schedule an appointment, contact us at bfd@fairing.com

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  • Custom Tube Manufacturing
    Custom Tube Manufacturing

    Interested to produce custom tubes or components?

    With a vast knowledge in OEM manufacturing, we are ready to assist frameset projects from prototyping to mass-production. Our factory or partner factories are able to form tubes and machine billet for framebuilding applications. Tube processing services include cold drawing, DOM butting, hydro-forming, mechanical forming, and laser cutting. We also offer extrusion services for fixed and complex shapes/cross-sections, and CNC operated mills are available for producing parts or final finishing. From steel to titanium, our sourced materials have certifications and inspection reports to meet your quality goals. Contact us for any questions or inquires regarding your new one of a kind product. 

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